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...about Town With Mayor Bob


The City of Decatur recently made a huge safety improvement on outer Grant Street. Going west on Grant, when you drive into the low water bridge, which is known by the State of Arkansas as Decatur Branch, you have actually entered private property. This drive goes to the apartment buildings, DARP, and the City uses this driveway to enter city property and well #5.

With this driveway being private, the city cannot spend any city money on repairs to the area.

Anytime a heavy rain takes place, this driveway is not safe to drive through, but there was no alternative route. For years we have had a bad situation for the residents of this area but our possibilities were limited.

About 3 years ago we discovered that, well #5 and surrounding property, was not owned by the city, which prompted the city to buy this land. We now own this 13 acre parcel which includes well #5. 

Earlier this spring we had one of our famous rains that flooded this area once again and all of the residents on the west side of the low water bridge were trapped.

The city has completed an alternative route using the land we purchased in the above explanation. Now everyone in this area can drive a gravel lane around the low water bridge and onto a city street.

This lane is not a city street and we have no immediate plans to make it a street but will be used as an emergency access route only. We have fenced and gated the entrance to this gravel lane leaving a space in the fence area for walkers to use the lane for walking and children to ride their bikes.

Further, we have added a water-measuring device at the low water bridge so people won't drive into high ater. The lane is posted as and emergency route.

Anytime the water is high please call 479-752-3911 and our Police Department will open the gate to traffic. Normally the gate will be locked. 

Working Together Decatur is Doing Awesome Things!

Mayor Bob Tharp