Address Numbers

The city of Decatur requires all residence and business owners to have address numbers on their structures to comply with a Decatur street addressing ordinance.

“Address numbers shall be a minimum of 3 inches high with black block letters on a white background and shall be visible from the street. Other colors which have sufficient contrast to be read from the street under normal nighttime conditions may be approved by the building inspector,” the ordinance states. “The numbers shall be placed as near as possible to the primary entrance of the building and preferably above the entrance doorway. The location, style, size, and color of the required numbers shall be approved by the building inspector.”

The city will post a written notification on non-compliant structures. The offenders will have 15 days to comply with the letter or face a fine.

Section 9 of the Decatur street addressing ordinance states, “Any person failing to comply with the provisions of this ordinance shall, upon conviction thereof, be fined not less than $10 nor more than $25 plus prosecution costs for each offense.”

Decatur city officials advise residents to contact the city clerk’s office if there are questions concerning their 911 address. For more information, contact Decatur City Hall at 752-3912.