Mayor’s Newsletter:

Good evening Decatur,

Wal-Mart has closed for the last time in Decatur so we are faced with no other option but to wait for another Grocery to arrive. I have heard your wishes for a Grocery with Pharmacy and that is my focus.

We are a strong community and we will be fine.   Remember that we have 8 other retail stores in town that offer opportunity to get grocery items. They are Dollar General, E-Z Mart, TNT Express, Simmons Chicken Store, Wellness Secrets, Handy Mart, Guanajuato Meat Market and Farmers Coop. In all of these you can buy grocery items. Our neighboring towns are not as blessed!

I received a call from a concerned residence tonight and his question was how are we going to get another grocery store/pharmacy for Decatur. He asked me what he could do to help! I am very appreciative of his offer!

I will continue to provide leadership to our Economic Development Committee along with being a member of the Decatur Chamber of Commerce, as we reach out to potential Grocery Stores. If you have skills in Retail or Marketing, or just interested and would help us, please contact City Hall and let us know what you would can do.

So how can you help now? If you email me your suggestions my office or myself will follow up. My email address is bobtharp@gmail.com

Additionally, PLEASE contact the Grocery Store of your choice by visiting their web sights and asking them to consider our town. Most will have a, “contact us” tab on those web sights.  Go ahead and ask! That may be the only way they will hear from us.

As suggestions have been made, either the City Staff or myself have all gone to these company’s web sights and encouraged them to consider our town. Using the technology, we all have available, we can reach out to companies easily and quickly and they will hear our request.

Several months age we had a professionally designed brochure of Decatur produced to use as a mailer or hand out. These are FREE and available. Stop buy City Hall, if you want, to get one to mail or personally give to your favorite Grocery Store Chain.

I appreciate your comments to me by mail or Facebook.   Please keep talking to me and remember, Working Together Decatur is Doing Awesome Things.

Mayor Bob

City Events

Hunter’s Education Class Coming Soon.


Mossy Oak Pro staff James Barger will be teaching a Hunter’s Education class on Saturday,February 6, 2016 starting at 7:00 a.m. in the community room.  Pre-registration is required and you can do so at http://www.register-ed.com. When you log onto this site follow these instructions: 1. select menu; select AR, 2. Choose Hunter Education Classroom and click on View Upcoming Events, 3. Scroll down until you find February 6 (Decatur Community Room should be listed as location) click on View Event; and 4. Click on Register Now and fill out the form to register. Hunter's Ed Class

Mr. Barger has been working with Mossy Oak Pro Staff for over 6 years and has 50 years of experience with hunting. Picture7

Picture 5Picture 2

This buck was caught right here in our community.
This buck was caught right here in our community.

Picture 4

City Events

Breakfast with Congressman Womack.

Mayor Bob visiting with Womack
Mayor Bob Tharp Visiting with Congressman Womack. (1/21/2016)
Congressman Womack presented with a gift.
In the summer of 2015, Fireman Forrest Tharp’s daughters got to meet Congressman Womack in Washington DC. He made such an impression on these girls that they presented Congressman Womack with a gift of a Little Debbie’s Semi-truck. (1/21/2016)


Congressman visiting with the Honorable Mayor Bob Tharp and his wife, Joy.
Congressman visiting with Mayor Bob Tharp and his wife. (1/21/2016)

NWA Regional Bike & Ped Decatur Community Plan

Decatur has adopted A Resolution Endorsing the Northwest Arkansas Regional Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan, and adopting the individual community bicycle and pedestrian master plan by Resolution 15-03 as of November 9, 2015. Below is a picture indicating some of the areas that will be incorporated into the trail system that will eventually tie into the Razorback Greenway. Also there is an example map of the City of Decatur’s community trails. Until these trails are completed and open for public use, Decatur does have a 1/4 mile track located at Veteran’s Park for your use locally, or you can use the Razorback Greenway. Here is a link to the map that shows you the access points to the current trails that are open: http://nwarpc.maps.arcgis.com/apps/MapTour/?appid=9f6e92f286a64c2295f8f69b0e491aaf

Decatur Walk-Bike Action PlanDecatur Community Plan



The Iva Jane Peek Public library has 2 computers set up with access to ABCMouse.com and it is free to all that are between the ages of 2 and 7, but you have to go to the library to access it. You cannot access it from home. To learn more visit the following link:www.abcmouse.com/library_account.



Learn English Online.

The Iva Jane Peek Public Library has a new added feature called Basic ESL. Really, we cannot say it any better than how Basic ESL says it,

“Basic ESL improves an individual’s listening, speaking, reading and writing skills through a simple to follow, and instructionally proven curriculum.

Students learn English quickly and effectively on relevant topics including: family, home, school and many other topics. In each lesson students learn key vocabulary and how to use that vocabulary in conversation.

No computer experience is necessary.” To access this feature, got to the tab at the top marked Departments and then click on Library. Scroll to the bottom and you will see a big instant access button marked “Basic ESL.”

Water News

Water Bill Pay Online or By Phone!!!!!!!

You can now pay your water bill online or by phone. To find out more detail please visit the Water/Sewer menu under the Departments Tab. You can pay your water bill online by clicking on the “Water Bill Pay Online” under helpful links to the right of the screen.

About Decatur

Welcome to the City of Decatur



Decatur, located at the intersection of Arkansas Highways 59 and 102, is a great place to visit, start a business or call home. At first glance, Decatur may seem to be a sleepy little town along the railroad and built around the Simmons plant there — its population is only about 1,700 residents — but a closer look below will reveal churches, schools, city parks and lots of activity. A walk down one of Decatur’s streets on a summer evening reveals the sounds of children laughing as they catch fireflies on the lawn, and the smell of freshly-mowed grass. With an area of only about five-square miles, everyone is counted a neighbor.

The town has two convenience stores and a truck stop, a bank, public library, medical clinic, restaurants and numerous churches. Families can enjoy picnicking or fishing at nearby Crystal Lake or in one of the town’s parks. Swimming is available at the municipal pool, and there are plenty of ball diamonds available for a game of softball or baseball.

A 60-year tradition continues each summer on the first Saturday in August, with the Chamber of Commerce-sponsored Decatur Barbecue held in Veterans Park. The annual festival causes the town’s population to swell to an estimated 10,000 with its famous barbecued chicken and other food, fun, games, contests, pageants, car show, motorcycle ride and first-class entertainment — with both local talent and a well-known country artist performing on the stage.

For those interested in railroad history, the Southern Belle engine — a landmark in the area — attracts attention from across the country as one of the last of its kind. Nearby stands a mid 1800s log cabin from just outside of town which was moved and re-assembled in its present location one log at a time. The cabin preserves some of the history of the area during Civil War days.

City Hall, located a block east of Highway 59, is a good place to stop for information on the city, its laws and city utilities. The city is served by a full-time police department and a volunteer fire department. It has its own water and new wastewater treatment facilities which are state-of-the-art.

Decatur Schools — with about 550 students in grades kindergarten through grade 12 — offer a low student-teacher ratio and dedicated teachers who know each child by name. A new elementary school facility was recently added on the west side of town.

The chief industrial employers in Decatur are Simmons Foods and FNA Group. Simmons Foods, which purchased much of the business established by the late Lloyd Peterson and Peterson Farms, operates a processing plant, hatcheries and a pet-food plant in the Decatur area.