April 2015 Newsletter

. . . about Town

With Mayor Bob


April is highlighted this year as “Volunteer Fire Department Month.”


In our small town American culture, we know just about everyone. When we hear a siren we often think who could be in trouble? We may even wonder whether it is a police car, fire truck or ambulance. One may be tempted to follow the emergency vehicle but be careful, that is illegal.


On Thursday night some of our Decatur residents lost electricity, when the Empire Electric substation, just south of town on Highway 59 lost a huge, expensive transformer to a fire. Billows of smoke and flames were easily seen as the transformer burned. Our volunteer firemen responded quickly and effectively, extinguished the fire with no one being injured!


Decatur Volunteer Fire Department is made up of men and women who live in our City and surrounding areas. This is truly a group of volunteers that are trained to extinguish grass fires, structural fires, electrical fires, and a multitude of other emergency situations.


When an emergency is called into Benton County Emergency Services, our team is “toned out.” Your volunteer fire department member receives a call on their pager that they constantly wear. When the fireman is toned they stop what they are doing, whether it is Easter Sunday Dinner or leaving their family while watching a movie! In their personal vehicle they drive to our fire department building located at City Hall campus. They get directions from Fire Chief Jeremy Luker or Assistant Fire Chief Brent Hopkins.


The Volunteer Decatur Fire Department has 3 fire engines, 2 tankers, 2 brush trucks, 1 rescue truck and 1 support truck. These vehicles are of various ages but are in good working order. We have 16 volunteer firemen currently.


If an ambulance is needed our neighboring town of Gravette, Arkansas, dispatches one of their ambulances to our location. Gravette is one of several Ambulance providers in Benton County and they are an ALS certified service provider which means they can care for you just as if you were in the emergency room at the hospital. We do not have an ambulance stationed in Decatur. Decatur supports Gravette Ambulance for their services financially annually.


When you see any of your Volunteer Fireman, please say Thank You!


Some things the City is working on presently: plans are in place to open the swimming pool; play ground equipment at Royce Johnson Memorial Park, Splash Park at Veterans Park; New signs at Veteran’s Park, and a personnel elevator for City Hall to make the 2nd floor functional, just to mention a few new plans.


City Council Meeting this month will be held on April 13th at 6:00 P.M.   You are invited to attend this meeting.

Committees that are functional are: Library; Planning and Zoning; Parks; Cemetery; Economic Development and Historical Committee. Anyone interested in serving Decatur are welcome to help us make a difference.


Important Dates to Remember:


Trash Service will be postponed for Thursday April 23th but will be scheduled on Saturday April 25th when a City-Wide Spring Clean Up will be conducted with curbside pickup!!!   Mark you calendars.


The Decatur Volunteer Fire Department is sponsoring the 6th Annual Wyatt Hopkins Memorial Poker Run will be held on Saturday May 9th, 2015. All proceeds will benefit Arkansas Children’s Hospital. First bike out at 9 a.m. Last bike out at 10 a.m. All bikes back in by 2 p.m. Door Prizes. Lunch is available.  Watch for more information on my Facebook page and city web sight.


. . . about Town for the month of May will highlight our Parks.


Ways to stay connected with local news and event is to read the Westside Eagle Observer Newspaper and check the Cities website @decaturarkansas.com. Your may also email me at bobtharp@gmail.com and follow my Facebook page.


Mayor Bob Tharp wrote this article as a public service to Decatur, Arkansas readers