August 2015 Newsletter

. . . about Town

With Mayor Bob

Our “Annual Decatur BBQ Festival” was a great success last Saturday!

The day was perfect in every way. Every event was well attended and people seemed to enjoy On August 1, 2015, Decatur will celebrate its 62nd consecutive BBQ Festival. This event has become home to many Nashville entertainers and this year is no exception.  Our theme this year is a Family Affair!

When I talk about our BBQ to people they always compliment our Chicken Dinners and great entertainment. This year the Decatur City Council voted to have fireworks displayed at dusk after the entertainment.

The Decatur Chamber of Commerce works six months out of the year to coordinate this one-day event. We are blessed as a community to have our Chamber, who works tirelessly, as they continue this tradition.

The BBQ is a time of celebration! Please consider building a float, drive a car, or ride a horse in the parade. The day starts out with a parade and is a fun time to see your friends by either watching the parade or being in it.

Your City Council and City Staff are working on many projects, such as: Additional play ground equipment at Royce Johnson Memorial Park; A huge paving project has been completed at Veterans Park; We are applying for a grant to build a large walking trail and youth soccer field at Veteran’s Park funded through Blue & You Foundation for a Healthier Arkansas; A Grant is being applied for to fund the construction of personnel elevator for City Hall to make the 2nd floor functional; We have been approved for a non matching grant of up to $250,000 for street overlay which will be funded in 2016. (Non matching means the city pays $0 Dollars)

City committees that are functional today are: Library; Planning and Zoning; Parks; Cemetery.

The Economic Development and Historical Committees are being developed and will soon be actively meeting. Anyone interested in serving Decatur is welcome to help us make a difference.

Help us if you can.

If you want to help us in securing the grant for walking trail and soccer field at Veterans Park, please contact the following office:

Patrick O’Sullivan

Executive Director

Blue & You Foundation for a Healthier Arkansas

USAble Corporate Center

320 W. Capitol Ave., Suite 200

Little Rock, AR 72201

Phone: 501-378-2221

Fax: 501-378-2051



Decatur knows when we work together we can accomplish great things.

. . . about Town for the month of August will highlight Streets.

Ways to stay connected with local news and event is to read the Westside Eagle Observer Newspaper and check the Cities website Your may also email me at and follow my Facebook page.

Thank you for allowing me to serve Decatur as Mayor. Have a wonderful summer and God Blesses each of you.

Mayor Bob Tharp wrote this article as a public service to Decatur, Arkansas readers