October 2015 Newsletter

. . . about Town

With Mayor Bob


A reminder, Time Change on November 1, 2015, so turn your clocks back 1 hour.


Several things have happened so far this month.


First of all the Chamber of Commerce hosted the Kelly Miller Circus on Monday night October 19th. They held two shows and both shows were outstanding! The Chamber will be discussing possible plans to ask them to return next year!


On Monday October 12th City Council members Linda Martin and Ladale Clayton, Kim Wilkins, City Clerk, Emily Tharp, my granddaughter and I traveled to Little Rock where we received from Govenor Asa Hutchinson a check for $15,000 for Park improvement. The $15,000 is a matching grant that the city will fund. The money will be ear marked for Veterans Park walking trail and soccer field project. We hope to hear in the next week the results for our Grant Application for $150,000 to fund this project.


October 19th James Boston and I turned the final valve on in Centerton which redirected Centertons Waste Water to Decatur’s Waste Water Plant. Over the past 8 years Centerton and Decatur have worked together to see this line installed.   The redirection of Centerton’s Waste Water will stabilize their sewer rates and will bring to the City of Decatur nice revenue.


The City Council has permitted me to make application for another Grant. This Grant will be a Natural Resources Grant and if funded will enable us to expand our water line service to those area outside our city that need water provided to them. This is a brand new initiative and the Grant has to be applied for by March 2016. There are many details to complete as we move forward in this important initiative.



Your City Council and City Staff are working on many projects, such as: Royce Johnson Memorial Park; We have applied for a grant to build a large walking trail and youth soccer field at Veteran’s Park. A Grant is being applied for to fund the construction of personnel elevator for City Hall to make the 2nd floor functional; We have been approved for a non matching grant of up to $250,000 for street overlay which will be funded in 2016. We are making application for a grant to enhance our City Water District service lines to areas outside the City Limits but in our Water District.


City committees that are functional today are: Library; Planning and Zoning; Parks; Cemetery; Economic Development Committee and Historical Committee.


Working Together Decatur is Doing Awesome Things!



. . . about Town for the month of November will highlight “Friends of Decatur’s Commission.” Read how you can donate to special projects, tax deductible, next month. (This Commission has been approved by City Council and we continue to put this commission in order)


Ways to stay connected with Decatur’s local news and events is to read the Westside Eagle Observer Newspaper and Decatur’s website @decaturarkansas.com, where you can find my email and link to Mayor Bob’s Facebook Page. If you haven’t visited my Facebook Page, please do and find out how Decatur was named Decatur, Arkansas.


Thank you for allowing me to serve Decatur as Mayor.



Mayor Bob Tharp wrote this article as a public service to Decatur, Arkansas readers