September 2015 Newsletter

. . . about Town

With Mayor Bob 

Have you ever driven from Decatur, AR. to Siloam Springs, AR., and suddenly became aware that you had absolutely missed the trip? What an awakening experience! We are creatures of habit and the habit might have been, that the roads we travel are safe, comfortable and simple pleasure to drive.

Arnold Palmer once said, that, The road to success is always under construction.

Decatur is on the road to Success! Decatur’s streets have not seen much construction this summer but that doesn’t mean we aren’t planning repairs. Later this summer, Benton County Road Department, will be joining us, as they start work to pave Lester Street south and connecting to 2nd Street.   Construction and paving will be completed on Lee Avenue west of 102.  Mt. Olive Street at the Elementary School northwest to the City Limits will receive overlay this fall. Charlie and Pat Streets, which are a part of Veterans Park, were paved earlier this summer. These are the remaining plans for 2015.

Plans for, 2016.   A Grant with funds, up to $250,000 has been awarded to our City, which will bring overlays to several more streets including Hill Street continuing on to Stadium. The work on theses streets will be to Arkansas State Highway Standards specific to width and depth of the asphalt.   More streets will be added based on the final grant amount.

Friday September 19th, we enjoyed a wonderful Homecoming Parade in the downtown area. Thank you for your involvement as a community.

It appears that the Electrical Construction at the junction of Highway 102 and 59 is now completed. Thank you for your patience.

Your City Council and City Staff are working on many projects, such as: Royce Johnson Memorial Park; We have applied for a grant to build a large walking trail and youth soccer field at Veteran’s Park. A Grant is being applied for to fund the construction of personnel elevator for City Hall to make the 2nd floor functional; We have been approved for a non matching grant of up to $250,000 for street overlay which will be funded in 2016.

City committees that are functional today are: Library; Planning and Zoning; Parks; Cemetery; Economic Development Committee and Historical Committee.

Working Together Decatur is Doing Awesome Things!

. . . about Town for the month of October will highlight “Friends of Decatur’s Commission.” Read how you can donate to special projects, tax deductible, next month.

Ways to stay connected with Decatur’s local news and events is to read the Westside Eagle Observer Newspaper and Decatur’s website, where you can find my email and link to Mayor Bob’s Facebook Page. If you haven’t visited my Facebook Page, please do and find out how Decatur was named Decatur, Arkansas.

Thank you for allowing me to serve Decatur as Mayor.

Mayor Bob Tharp wrote this article as a public service to Decatur, Arkansas readers