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DECATUR ARKANSAS--Decatur Mayor Bob Tharp today affirmed his enthusiasm for the development of a new Simmons Prepared Foods, Inc. production facility near the City of Decatur.

"The City of Decatur is excited about Simmons' decision to select a site between Decatur and Gentry for the development of this new facility," said Mayor Tharp. "This project will bring good jobs to the city and to our broader community, supporting housing development and other local businesses in the area."

According to Simmons, the new operation will create approximately 1,500 new jobs by 2022. The company expects to begin new operations in 2019.

Tharp continued, "Simmons had other options in choosing a location for this project, but they chose Decatur and Northwest Benton County to continue building their business. I am profoundly grateful to the Decatur City Council for their commitment to positive decision-making for the future of our city. I also want to express a special thank you to the leadership of Simmons Foods and to the Simmons family for partnering with Decatur as we grow together."

Asa Hutchinson, Governor of Arkansas, along with Simmons Leadership, announced the new facility to the public at an event on Wednesday afternoon at Simmons Great Hall on the campus of John Brown University.