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Welcome To Decatur...Home of the Bulldogs


A few months ago one day while Joy and I were passing by the junction of Hill and Highway 59 we noticed how overgrown the area had become and an old Peterson sign was hid in the brush. I need to get that cleaned up. Mr. Toby Conrad from Dectur High School called not long after asking if they could put a sign up to share the accomplishments of the school "over the years."

An idea was put together!

All of the sponsors were contacted among others and we raised $3700. Jeanelle and Toby, and city employees took the task on. With the donation we have a new overlay sign, all vegetation was removed, and a new flag pole with solar powered flag pole lights put in. We have a few dollars left over and will be doing some minor landscaping in the area. 

At 10:30 A.M. today the area will be dedicated with the high school in attendance. Drop by and enjoy the "moment."

Again no city dollars were used on the project.

Just another example of how Working Together Decatur is Doing Awesome Things.

Mayor Bob.


BeforeBefore Some of our school StarsSome of our school Stars Mr. Conrad and Mayor BobMr. Conrad and Mayor Bob Welcome To Decatur SignWelcome To Decatur Sign