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Changes in the Decatur Residential Trash Collection Service


There are some changes coming to the trash collection services in the Decatur, Arkansas area.

Beginning March of 2024, the City of Decatur's trash service will be cart contents only. Each residential household who is a customer of the Decatur water system will receive one (1) WM 96-gallon polycart that is now included in the price of trash payable on your water bill. 

Waste Management has increased the trash rates a small sum. For a residential water customer that is inside the city limits, their rate is now $16.23. For those residents who live outside the city limits, but are on the Decatur water system, can now sign up for trash service. Their rate will be $22.83.

On January 1st of each year the rates will be reviewed and could be raised by Waste Management. The City of Decatur has renewed their contract with Waste Management, and this increase would be made as per the contract. This contract is a five (5) year contract and will be renewed every five (5) years. It will be renewed in 2029.

If you are interested in getting a second polycart, you may obtain one by contacting the water department at Decatur City Hall by calling 479-752-3912 ext. 1. We will notify Waste Management and have them deliver a second cart to you. However, the cost is double the amount. If you were to have two (2) carts: for a resident inside city limits the trash portion on your bill will be $32.46. For a resident outside of the city limits the trash portion on your bill will be $45.66. 

What if I have not received my polycart yet? Each resident will receive one (1) 96-gallon WM cart. Carts will be placed by Waste Management at residences during the month of February 2024. Please call 479-361-4200 if you have questions or do not receive a cart. If you need to sign up for a service to get a polycart, please call 479-752-3912 ext. 1 to set up the trash service.

If I have received a cart, when do I start using my cart? During this process, trash will be collected once a week. It is okay to still set out your trash at the curb in bags until March 7, 2024, but come March 7th and March 8th, the trash will still need to be in bags, but the bags will need to be placed inside the polycart to get picked up. The city recommends that you start using your cart the week of February 12th.

What if I have more trash than what will fit in the cart? If you have more trash than what will fit in the cart, you will need to save it back for the next week's pick up or contact Waste Management for bulk pick up.

What if my cart is broken, or physically damaged? Please call the water department at 479-752-3912 ext. 1 to report your damaged or broken cart, and we will notify Waste Management to replace it.

What if I am disabled and cannot roll my cart to the curb? Residents who are disabled and Do Not have an able-bodied person in the household to roll their cart to the curb can request the Disabled Resident's Carryout Service through the city. The resident can place their cart outside their home, visible from the street rather than at the curbside, and the driver will collect and return the cart at the same cost as curbside service. Please notify the water department if you believe you are eligible for this service.